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Located at the foot of the Dublin mountains, The Jobstown House has been a family-run pub for three generations. Joseph Kilbride, born in 1900, was originally the proprietor of the Thomas House in Thomas Street, Dublin 8, between 1945 and 1963. In January of 1964, Joseph and his family moved out to a small country farmers store in Tallaght.

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Along with stocking the usual farmers' needs, such as hardware and animal feed, local farmers could quench their thirst in a small bar in The Jobstown House. Until 1971, the grocery had a bigger trade than the bar, although this all started to change in the 1970s when the neighbouring estates of Springfield and Killinarden were being built. Because of this, and the opening of the 'H Williams' supermarket in Tallaght, a decision was made to close the grocery side of the business and focus on the bar.

Following the passing of Joseph in 1969, his two sons, John and Adrian, took over the business. In 1975 John bought the business and became the sole proprietor. Two new lounges were added as the business started to grow and accommodate customers from the new estates.

In 2001 John's son, John Jr., joined the family business and has since become the third-generation family member to run The Jobstown House.

3rd-generation family-run pub

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